Episode 5 - What's up next, doc?

Welcome to episode 5: It’s Not Just Software!

A short one this week, sub five minutes so you’ve got no excuse to not watch! Over the last few episodes we’ve done a load of talking, it’s time to hand things over to our much smarter, better informed friends, who will talk to us about what we need to successfully deliver projects.

Stay tuned to hear us talk to the following wonderful people

  • Mr Shaun Anderson - Shaun created Swift, a methodology for making sure you understand how a system wants to behave and deliver the right outcomes for your clients.
  • Antoine Marin - A friendly neighborhood designer, he’s going disabuse us of the notion that design is just wire frames, it’s actually crucial in ensuring a successful project
  • Anjanette Houser - PRODUCT, MLP, MVP. Why should you care?
  • Paula Paul - Open source? Inner source? Confused? Don’t worry, Paul is going to walk us through it.
  • A special guest? All of them are special to us. Stay tune to find out what this is about at a later date!

In this podcast we will discuss anything and everything that helps deliver value to clients while maintaining a healthy and happy Organization.

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