Digital Pulse - 7 Jul 2023

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In a shocking revelation LLMs are still relevant! We start out discussing that 3 is the magic number, more specifically $1.3bn! Databricks splash a load of blue dollars on Mosaic while Inflection manage to raise $1.3bn and are valued at $4bn after a mere 1 year! The market value of AI at the end of 2022 was an estimated $136.5bn with an estimated CAGR of 37.7% 2023-2030!

We continue on the databricks theme discussing the rivalry between them and Snowflake, hosting conferences the same days of the same week, how databricks continue to contribute a bunch of new features at an ever impressive rate and they seem to be open source too! Fortunately, someone else has already come up with a nice summary of the AI offerings from the three leading CSPs, it’s worth noting that Amazon is late to the party but the AWS summit pitch was awesome - read more here.

We revert to our previous conversation about regulation and the EU, perhaps there’s more work to be done! We also touch on a conversation with GEB author Douglas Hofstadter, who appears to be a bit deflated by the state of Gen AI and what it means for society, we don’t do it justice and totally recommend reading the article or watching the interview.

Databricks splash $1.3bn
Inflection raises $1.3bn
Databricks raises Snowflake - AI FTW
AI Market Value
EU AI Regulation may need more work
Gen AI offerings in the cloud
Customising models, the pros and cons
Hofstader on AI


PLAFORMCON was a massive success … or so say the sponsors (bias aside, Dan remains snarky). The growth they show is impressive and something we would love to emulate, check out TFA to gain an insight into how they have managed to foster a movement.

Shift Left? Not anymore, it’s shift DOWN! Are you a full stack unicorn? Do you poop rainbows? You must be one of the nine! Read the article, if you’re not one of them it’ll make you feel better, honest. We discuss our feelings on this and Luca has promised to get certified in all the Machine Learning he can possible learn.

Cost and FinOps

This time out we don’t pick on Amazon, it’s Azure and Google. Both are talking about FinOps as a way to embrace FinOps and … it’s not just about cost saving, which could be something that Azure are going to focus on based on some poorly redacted documents about the Azure bottom line compared to AWS.

Tech News

We finish up with a conversation about Apple’s concern about producing a sufficient number of their new VR headsets, I for one would love one, but at $3499 I’m going to have to wait until Xmas to mug Santa.

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