Digital Pulse - 23 Jun 2023

Welcome to Episode 1 of Digital Pulse

This time out there are three themes:

Back to the Office

We continue to cite DHH and largely agree with his summary that Hybrid Working could be a bit rubbish, we skip quickly through the articles that he cites and share some of our feelings as we do.

DHH: Hybrid Working is the worst choice
Meta returns to the office
The Year of Efficiency
Farmers Insurance forced to return to the office Salesforce do charity!
Amazon unfazed by rebellious workers

Ways of Working

Agile, agile and more agile. McKinsey talk interview Sir Jony Ive. We finish with Dan ranting about Dell’s data science ways of working.

Estimation isn’t for everyone
McKinsey Interview Sir Jony Ive
Dell’s data science team discover agile

Data and ML

Love it or hate it, Data Mesh remains a thing and something that Dan still thinks of as a sensible approach to adopt. We then move to AI or is that LLMs, they’re the same thing, right?

Is AI consuming AI output going to result in a computer prion disease? Are small high quality data sets really a viable alternative to reading the entire internet into a training set?

We finish with a Dan gushing over one blogpost by Marc Andreseen and a TED video of Sal Khan talking about how AI could save (not destroy) education.

Join us, in the biggest edit yet, as Luca attempts to limit the damage Dan can cause with unprofessional comments and tangents.

QB on Data Mesh
The Data Mesh Book
Has AI poisoned its own well
The Curse of Recursion
The Rists of Generative AI
a16z: AI will save the world - bonus podcast
Sal Khan - How AI could save (not destroy) education

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