Digital Pulse - 20th Oct 2023

Is innovation always good? In this episode:

  • Are Google Glass back?
  • Would you record every second of your life?
  • The multiverse, a new way to meet people
  • Should we be scared or amazed by robots?
  • Bonus: a present for kids ;)

Smart glasses

Google glasses were released exactly 10 years ago. They seemed ahead of their time, but people raised privacy concerns, and the project was abandoned after a while.

Ten years later, Meta released their Ray Ban smart glasses and it looks like one of their main functionalities is precisely the one that was so criticized about Google Glasses… Hands-free livestreaming

An episode of black mirror

Who wouldn’t love to have perfect recall? I present to you Rewind Pendant

Rewind Pendant is a wearable that captures what you say and hear in the real world and then transcribes, encrypts, and stores it entirely locally on your phone.

How about an AI digital companion that is always at your service, seeing what you see and hearing what you hear? The AI Pin might be what you might, the page itself doesn’t not say much but you can watch the Ted Talk from co-founder Imran Chaudhri in this article from The Verge.

A new way to interact with people

Mark Zuckerberg got deep in the metaverse; you probably remember how bad the metaverse looked one year ago, but this year, we got a fresh look at what the metaverse could look like in this episode of the Lex Fridman podcast. Will this be the new way we talk to people in the future?

You are not on board with wearing crazy VR headsets while having a meeting or talking to some of your relatives; how about the “Secret” Google project presented to us by the one and only Marques Brownlee?

Terminator is almost here

A robot that throws tools at you seems like a good idea!!! Boston Dynamics is showing us the way, of course, they tried to make them look cute by having them dance but what if we could instead have robots that could build an emotional connection with us?

That’s what Disney is trying to do with the little rabbit on rollerblades and, eleven days ago, with a “bipedal robotic character” that really needs a name!!!

The gift

A few days ago, my daughter received a present from the grandparents, and this was it, Bitzee “the digital pet that you can really touch”, nothing like my good old Tamagochy.

As usual thanks for reading, we will see you in the next episode 👋

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