Digital Pulse - 15th Sept 2023

Welcome back! Short and unscripted, we’re talking OpenTF and Generative AI!


You can read the Hasihcorp justificaiton and more about the fork and general opentf manifesto. If you want to start contributing, move what you have over to the new world of OpenTF go visit the repo.


Sccccrrreeeeeech, the Falcon has landed. Another week brings another foundation model. The folks at the Technology Innovation Institute have released Falcon 180B.

You can go see the huggingface blog for further details.

Dan’s tangent on Rust and Data Engineering. First up we have the article from Airbyte. From here I ramble about a number of things, but essentially, Rust is smaller, faster and more sustainable that Python - it’s way better at exploiting the hardware you’re running on, with lower overhead.

You can read about the things I mention at the following places:

burn - a comprehensive deep learning framework, offering exceptional flexibility and written in Rust
candle - a minimalist ML framework for Rust with a focus on performance
Notebook Evaluation for Rust get rust in your jupyter notebooks
polars - fast dataframes for rust and python
pyo3 - Rust bindings for Python

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